League Rules

These League Rules apply to all Leagues of the Shot Online League

1. General

1.1 League Team:

                                                                             Administrator is: S_h_o_t
                                                                             Technical support is: S_h_o_t
                                                                             League Streamer: S_h_o_t
                                                                             Player League 1: S_h_o_t Team League 1: S_h_o_t
                                                                             Player League 2: slacker21, Team League 2: slacker21
                                                                             Player League 3: anjesanu, Team League 3: anjesanu
                                                                             Player League 4: nicao_, Team League 4: nicao_
                                                                             Player League 5: iAmSoxman, Team League 5: iAmSoxman

1.2 Decisions made by the League Team are always binding and cannot be appealed!

2. Eligibility and Team Management

2.1 – All players of the Webzen MMOG’s Shot-Online Game (USA) who have reached level 101 and can play on all courses are eligible to participate.
2.2 – A team must have at least 2 Players. The leader as well as the Co-Leader of a Team are contact persons for the League Team.
2.3 – No double accounts are allowed, each Player may only play once in the Player League or for a Team, this will be checked regularly in cooperation with Webzen. If double accounts are found during the control, they will be excluded from the League. Only one Character per account is allowed to participate. Tools like the EZ Shot Calculator are strictly forbidden, if we have proof that this tool is being used we will immediately ban this player from the Shot Online League.
2.4 – All rights concerning the organization of the Team and the Team Name belong to the Leader of the Team. This applies throughout the entire participation in the League. Only the Team Leader can deregister the Team or change the Team Name. A change of Team Leader must be approved by the current Team Leader.
2.5 – If a player is used irregularly, the Player (Player League) or the Team (Team League) will receive a Match-Lost and will be suspended.
2.6 – When using a name change slip, the League Team must be informed immediately of the new name. Until this time, the Player is considered ineligible to participate
2.7 – The Player Name must always be kept up to date in the personal profile and in the League on the League Portal. In case of a violation, the Player (Player League) or captain of the respective Team (Team League) will be informed immediately by the League Team and is required to work towards an update. If the correct Player Name has not been notified to the League Team after one week, a warning penalty of 200 Million NG will be imposed on the Player (Player League) or Team (Team League). If two weeks have passed since the notification, the player in question will automatically be suspended from participating in the League and receiving prizes until the warning fine has been paid.

2.7.a – The player name must match the (In Game Name). In case of violation, Rule 2.7 applies accordingly.
2.7.b – Players and Team names must comply with Webzen conditions.
2.7.c – When registering the Player or Team, make sure that all Player and Team names are spelled correctly. Player and Team names that are not spelled correctly are not eligible to play and are suspended and can only be released for a penalty of 200 Million NG. The suspension is valid for the Player (Player League) or for the Team (Team League)!

3. Staging of the Game

3.1 – An 18-hole stroke (Players League) and 18-hole foursomes (Team League) (holes 1-18) are played; PAR x2, Mulligan OFF and Putting guide OFF. The time limit for all leagues is 60 seconds. Timing requirements are mandatory for every match in the league. If a Player or Team does not comply with rule 3.1, a “Match-Win Request” can be made with the appropriate screenshot. It is obligatory that 18 holes are always played. If 18 Holes are not played, a Match-Win application is excluded and the League Team will decide individually how the Points are to be awarded, and 50% of the player’s HC played up to that point will be honored. (The HC is only recognized for the player who actively participates in replaying the missing holes.)
3.2 – In order for spectators to enter the game room, the room must be created without a password. Any use of the chat is forbidden for spectators. This does not apply to members of the League Team.
3.3 – The use of “Mulligan Cards” is prohibited, therefore the room must be set up in such a way that “Mulligan Cards” cannot be used. Otherwise, the game will be considered lost. If a room is accidentally created with mulligan cards, the game must be restarted.
3.4 – For the matches the channel “Professional 1” has to be chosen. The Players (Player League) or Teams (Team League) have to meet at the NPC “Potter” (for possible “Match-Win Requests” the first screenshot has to be taken at Potter. Otherwise the match will be scored 0 to 0 and no points). The first named Player (Player League) or the first named Team (Team League) in the game plan creates the room.
3.5 – If a Player (Player League) or a Team (Team League) has reached one of the first 6 league ranges, the promotion must be accepted for the next season.
3.6 – The places indicated in the League Table as promotion or relegation rank are not binding. The League Team may make changes at the new start of the season if this is necessary for reasons of League organization.
3.7 – Special rule for Saint Bay Course in all 1st leagues: In the case of flag position 5, play may be restarted at will by mutual agreement of the Player or Teams to obtain another flag position. This possibility exists until the completion of hole 1. If play is continued despite flag position 5, this is done at the Player’s own risk. A protest because of possibly occurring game errors is then not possible.

4. Date, Result and Rank

4.1 – The matches must be played within the specified time of the respective match week.
4.2 – Appointments must be specified in the forum by the Player (Player League) or by the Team’s own Players (Team League). Each Player (Player League) or Team (Team League) should indicate at least one possible date on which they can play under Appointment Arrangements. The specified dates must be at least one hour apart. Other arrangements (e.g. In Game) are not valid and will not be recognized if the game does not take place. The same Dates must not be mentioned twice. If a Player (Player League) or Team (Team League) has named at least 3 different Dates, this Player (Player league) or Team (Team League) can submit a Match-Win application.
4.3 – A game postponement for after the current season week is not possible and will not be allowed.
4.4 – Binding match dates are created by a proposed date by a Player (Player League) or Team (Team League) and the acceptance by the other Player (Player League) or Team (Team League). The appointment is binding and does not need to be reconfirmed by the Player (Player League) or Team (Team League) who proposed the appointment. If more than one date is proposed, one date will be agreed upon and confirmed by the other team. Cancellations at short notice can be made up to 6 hours before the start of the match. Spontaneous match scheduling is allowed if it is posted accordingly in the forum, but Rule 5.4 does not apply in this case.
4.5 – If both Players (Player League) or Teams (Team League) do not report to the forum up to and including Friday of the respective game week and the game does not take place, a 0:0 will always be scored without points.
4.5.a – If only one of the two Players (Player League) or the two Teams (Team League) reports up to and including Friday 12 o’clock server time in the forum with at least one appointment proposal. This appointment counts and is counted as lost if the other Player (Player League) or the other Team (Team League) does not appear Rule 5.4. Here the appointment proposal must be made by Friday 12 o’clock Shot Online Game Server time. Every player has the possibility to catch up the match after the missed match until Sunday 12 o’clock if a date is found together. If no date is found by the Players before Friday 12 o’clock then a date will be set by the League Management.
4.5.b – If a match does not take place by the end of the match week, the match will be decided by the League Team and a classification will be made. Among other things, it will be taken into account whether Rule 4.2 was observed when the match was reported in the forum and/or whether it would have been possible to schedule the match according to Rule 4.6. Only the information found in the forum will be used!
4.6 – After the game, the result including all necessary screenshots will be posted in the forum under Result Reports as soon as possible, but no later than Sunday 23:59 Shot Online Game Server time of the game week. Otherwise, the game will be counted as not played. The screenshots must be submitted using the “File Attachment” function. Each of the players involved in the game must take a screenshot for evidence purposes
4.7 – The HC achieved will be automatically added in the league program for all matches played, so that in case of a tie at the end of the season, the system will make the better comparison in each category. The table is evaluated first by points, then by games won, then by HC- difference and finally by HC achieved.
4.8 – The winning Player (Player League) and the winning Team (Team League) will receive three (3) points; in case of a draw, the Player (Player League) or the Team (Team League) will receive one (1) point; in case of a loss, the Player (Player League) or the Team (Team League) will receive zero (0) points.
4.9 – Match-Win: If a Player (Player League) or a Team (Team League) does not appear on a match day (Match refusal or missed deadline – this counts only from 30 minutes late), the other Player (Player League) or the other Team (Team League) receives the (-1 HC : 1 HC) (no aktive Player -15 HC : 0 HC) and a match-win. This must be proved by appropriate screenshots with timestamp in the Shot Online Game with the command in the general chat (/time). On the first screenshot, which must be taken at Potter, the Player (Player League) or both Players of the Team (Team League) must be visible. The 30 minutes waiting time between the 1st and 2nd screenshot is decisive here. If a player DCs and the game is not finished ( all 18 holes played) or simply leaves the match, Rule 3.1 applies and a decision is made according to Rule 3.1.

5. Inactivity

5.1 – If a Player (Player League) or Team (Team League) has not played a total of 9 games or three games in a row or is eliminated for other reasons, the Player (Player League) or Team (Team League) will be set to “inactive“. The deposit will not be refunded in this case.
5.2 – All already played and future games of the eliminated Player (Player League) or Team (Team League) will be scored 0:0 without points. The respective still active Player (Player League) or active Team (Team League) has one game against an inactive Player (Player League) or inactive Team (Team League) free of play. The League Team reserves the right to make other arrangements in exceptional cases.
5.3 – This does not apply if the Player (Player League) or the Team (Team League) would become inactive in the last 5 match weeks before the respective league season end. To avoid shifts in the table, in this case the remaining matches will be considered as Match-Win for the respective
opponent is scored. For the Player (Player League) or the Team Players of the eliminated Team (Team League) Rule 5.4 applies automatically.
5.4 – If a Player (Player League) or a Team (Team League) becomes inactive, the Player (Player League) or all Players of the Team (Team League) can be suspended by decision of the League Team. Additionally, those Players who are no longer part of the Team (Team League) at the time in question, but were part of the team (Team League) in the 3 game week period prior to the inactivity, may be suspended. This suspension can be lifted by the player in question for a fee of 250 Million NG.

6. Disconnects

6.1 – For each disconnect the following applies: For Player League only: “When a Player (Player League) has a disconnect, the score will be noted and a screenshot will be taken”. For Team League only: “A screenshot is taken of the hole started with the remaining Players. ” And the round is started with the remaining erasers. Both screenshots must be posted when reporting the result. If a DC does not have both Screenshots complete, the match must be repeated. If a Player refuses to repeat the match, 3 Penalty Points will be deducted from his League Score.
6.2 – For Team League only: If both Players of a Team have an interruption at the same time, Rule 6.1 (Team League) applies. (To be on the safe side, take screenshots in between to prove how far you were or what the status was). In case of a second disconnection, Rule 6.6 applies.
6.3 – If a Player (Player League) or one of the remaining Players (Team League) leaves the room, this is considered as an abort. Rule 4.9 applies accordingly.
6.4 – In the event of an interruption, the remaining holes are played until the missing hole number is reached. The number of holes must always be chosen so that the game can be completed in a single round in the event of a restart. The individual scores are added together. (Example 1: DC on hole 7, seven holes are scored and 11 holes are replayed in an 18-hole game. Example 2: DC on hole 9, nine holes are scored and nine holes are replayed in a 9-hole match. Not in combined 3- or 6-hole games! Example 3: DC at hole 12, 12 holes are scored and six holes are repeated in a 6-hole game).
6.5 – After a disconnect, a Team may replace the Player. The replaced Player may not have another disconnect. The game must be resumed within 10 minutes. Each Player is responsible for his own readiness to play. If a match is not continued within this time, the Player or Team ready to play will receive a match-win Rule 4.9.
6.6 – When a Player (Player League) or Team (Team League) has his second stoppage and the total of 18 holes is not completed by the end of the hole in accordance with Rule 6.1 is reached, the match is considered lost and the opponent receives a Match-Win Rule 4.9.

7. Player new registration Team League

7.1 – Additional players may be re-registered during the season according to the principles of Rule 2.3 until the maximum number of one captain and three Players is reached. When re-registering, the level of the Player must also be indicated for the verification of eligibility according to Rule 2.1.
7.2 – Retired players of a team can be replaced up to four times by new registration. This incurs a fee of 200 Million NG per Player. The fee applies only if the team already consisted of four Players. Replaced players are not eligible to start until the fee is paid.
7.3 – If a participant leaves a team during the season, he/she may either transfer to another team once or return to the original team.
7.4 – No players can be re-registered in a period of 5 Weeks before the end of the league season. A player can leave the team at any time.

8. Warnings, Sanctions, Exclusion of Players and Teams, Objections and Appeals

8.1 – In case of violation of Rules 2.5, 2.7, 2.7.a, 2.7.b, 2.7.c, 3.2, 3.3 and 7.2 and other serious violations, the Player (Player League) or Team (Team League) may receive a warning. In case of a second warning, the Player (Player League) or the Team (Team League) will be excluded from the League. Rules 5.2 and 5.3 come into force.
8.2 – If a Player (Player League) or Team (Team League) has not played three games without being inactive, the Player’s (Player League) or Team’s (Team League) deposit will be forfeited at the end of the season.
8.3 – If a Player (Player League) or a Team (Team League) does not report in the forum in the last or penultimate game week before the respective League end and/or receives a Match-Lost after a deadline without becoming inactive, a ban will be imposed according to.
8.4 – The League Team reserves the right to impose further sanctions on a case-by-case basis (e.g. point deductions, NG penalties, forum bans). In case of unsportsmanlike conduct as well as non-payment of fees, individual Players or the entire Team may be excluded from the League by decision of the League Team or sanctions may be imposed.
8.5 – Protests must be submitted to the League Team by post in the appropriate forum area or by PN up to a maximum of one day (24 hours) after the result has been announced. Protests against the scoring of a game due to game errors, old or new, are generally not possible. If errors occur that make a general execution of a large number of games impossible, the League Team will offer a solution in a timely manner.
8.6 – Appeals against the scoring are only possible from the Players (Player League) or Teams (Team League) involved in the match.

9. Entry Fees, Deposit and Prize Eligibility

9.1 The entry fee is 250 Million NG for the Players League and 500 Million NG for the Team League in the 1. League.

200 Million NG for the Players League and 400 Million NG for the Team League in the 2. League.

150 Million NG for the Players League and 300 Million NG for the Team League in the 3. League.

100 Million NG for the Players League and 200 Million NG for the Team League in the 4. League.

  50 million NG for the Players League and 100 million NG for the Team League in the 5. League.

9.2 – Each Player (Player League) and Team (Team League) must pay a deposit of 100 Million NG per season. This will be refunded if the Player or Team is not inactive or is withdrawn.
9.3 – Entry fee and deposit are to be paid to SOL-NG-Char (In Game Name) before the start of the season.
9.4 – NG prizes are to be collected from SOL-Prize-Char (In Game Name) at the end of the season.
9.5 – All entry fees of the Leagues will be used for victory bonuses, these are Player Prizes (Player League) and Team Prizes (Team League). The method of payment is at the discretion of the League Team.
9.6 – Only Players (Player League) and Team Members (Team League) who are still active at the end of the season (Player League) or/and are members of the Team (Team League) and have participated in at least 15 Weeks of play (Player League) or have been part of the Team (Team League) are eligible to win.
9.7 – All fees will be deducted from the total pool.

10. League Changes

10.1 – The League Team has the right to change the League Rules during the season if the League Team deems it necessary.
10.2 – The “League Registration” feature on the Shot Online League web portal will be disabled for a specified period of time when an important announcement is made. The “League Registration” function will be active only at the beginning of the season during a certain period of time.
This does not apply to registration on the Shot Online League website, where a profile can be created at any time via registration.
10.3 – The Rules are valid from the first Season.

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